The only nutraceutical event in Asia to offer insights into the entire supply chain 2023 Vitafoods Asia.

2023/08/24|The only nutraceutical event in Asia to offer insights into the entire supply chain 2023 Vitafoods Asia.

Vitafoods Asia is back with a bang in Bangkok and online! Co-located with Fi Asia, Vitafoods Asia connects over 350+ international suppliers and 8,000+ business leaders across the nutraceutical and food and beverage industry, looking to source the most innovative and highest quality ingredients, dietary supplements and services.

Vitafoods Asia



Market Insights: Vitafoods Asia stands as a significant exhibition in the health food, supplements, and nutrition industry. Participating will grant you access to the latest market insights and trends, aiding in the formulation of targeted product strategies.

Business Expansion: The exhibition draws exhibitors and visitors from around the globe, offering an excellent opportunity to expand your business scope, find new customers, and potential partners.

Networking: Vitafoods Asia attracts professionals from the industry, and participating will enable you to build valuable business connections, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Product Showcase: The exhibition provides a platform to showcase your products and innovative solutions, contributing to heightened brand awareness and attracting potential clients.

Learning Opportunities: Exhibitions often feature industry seminars and lectures, providing a chance to listen to experts sharing industry insights and best practices.

Suitable Participants:

Supplement Manufacturers: Manufacturers of various health supplements, nutritional additives, vitamins, and minerals can showcase their products and explore new sales channels.

Food Ingredient Suppliers: Suppliers of natural, organic, or specialty ingredients can capture the attention of food manufacturers, facilitating collaboration opportunities.

Research Institutions: Research organizations engaged in nutrition, food science, and innovation can share their research outcomes, drawing potential partners and investors.

Brand Managers: Entities looking to expand brand influence can elevate their visibility through the exhibition, garnering more attention.

Retailers and Distributors: Those aiming to broaden product sales channels can establish connections with manufacturers, suppliers, and other potential partners.

In summary, the 2023 Vitafoods Asia will serve as an exceptional platform to connect industry professionals, explore new opportunities, and share industry knowledge. Various types of entities stand to gain value from participating in the exhibition.

If you have acquired a business opportunity, do not forget to complete all the necessary compliance work before entering the market.

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