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Taiwan FDA Cosmetics

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Overview :Cosmetics are categorized as general cosmetics and specific purpose cosmetic. Both need to be filed by the domestic company before marketing.

Business Challenges :You will need a third party services for the following situations: 1).if you have novel ingredient in your product; 2).if your product falls into specific purpose cosmetic category; 3). If you want to protect your trade secrets of your general cosmetics from your local distributors as filing with TFDA ; 4).if you are not sure whether your products are compliant with the TFDA regulations.

Our service
(1) Ingredients & Label review
(2) PIF Preparation
(3) License Holding
(4) Safety assessment report by quailed person
(5) Periodical compliance consulting service

How to start :Please send us the picture of the product.

Why SCG :We have plenty experience for the following : Bath preparations, Eye makeup preparations (other than children’s eye makeup preparations), Children’s eye makeup preparations, Hair preparations (non-coloring), Hair coloring preparations, Makeup preparations (not eye)(other than makeup preparations for children), Makeup reparations for children (not eye), Personal cleanliness, Skin care preparations(creams, lotions, powder, and sprays)….

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