SCG Brief

(1) Profession first : Staff of SCG , who had been trained and certificated by Taiwan FDA, has the expertise and the experience to help companies to register/list/apply their products and to comply with the regulations. We are also familiar with Functional Foods, Tablets & Capsules, Cosmetics medical devices and Advertising Regulations as couple of our staff are qualified official professionals, certificated by The Examination Yuan of ROC as Legal Qualification of Food Professionals.
Partners of SCG, who retired from SMAR, USFDA, who are experts with EFSA, who are experts with ASEAN local authorities, have the expertise and the experience to help companies to register/list/apply their products and to comply with the local regulations. SCG provides regulation compliance since 2007 and accumulates experience over almost one thousand clients case with her partners in different countries. There are 12% belongs to periodically consultation project, 63% belongs to mission consignment style project, 15% belongs to across years style project, 10% belongs to tough trouble shooting style project (some need lobby procedure).

(2)Customer oriented:SCG can realize the requirements from the clients and foresee the question behind the question for the client and therefore design a certain customized solution to be compliant with the regulations. SCG usually will recommend client to have a gap analysis before the real project start to help the client to confirm the problems before the main consignment.

(3)Technology aide:SCG introduce newest AI regulation compliance technology to facilitate efficiency of the compliance assessment process. Therefore, the client can have discount of mass consignment and benefit the accuracy and updating of the report the same time.

(4)Global vision:SCG has partners over 15 countries and areas and provides services to several top 100 international companies. Therefore SCG can think globally and act locally to help the clients to global presence (layout) the regulation compliance steps. The recommendation can be to start the application the same time or step by step.

(5) Continuous learning and improvement : Regulation compliance service can not be always perfect since we are not the governmental officers. SCG, however, will learn, update and improve based on all the experience accumulated from the regulation interpretations from different governmental officers.

(6)Reputation and Trust:Regulation compliance service is a sort of service based on a sense of trust and word-of –mouth which comes from the reputation accumulated in the mind of clients. Among the clients of SCG, 35% of them had repurchased for more than 15 years, 40% of them had repurchased for more than 5 years and another 25% had repurchased under 5 years.

The QA policy of SCG

1.To follow the idea of client-driven
2.To improve the efficiency of operation procedures
3.To assure the accuracy of service to the clients
4.To elevate the satisfaction of clients

Our Team

20 professional consultants

-all with plenty practical experience.

-expertise in Sensory Science、Food Science、Market Research/Industry Survey、Technology Trade/IP Management、Regulation Compliance of Foods, Functional foods, Cosmetics, and Medical devices.

Niann-Jou Newton Yau

Chief Consultant


  • 1987-1991  Ph.D, Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • 1985-1987  M.S., Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • 1979-1983  B.S., Food Science & Nutrition, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan



Chief Consultant,SCG, Taiwan

  • -Services of Sensory, Consumer, Marketing, IP Management, Technology Trade, Taiwan FDA/SAMR/CFDA Regulation Compliance, Education and Training for Foods, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Agricultural and Biotech Industries, 2001-present.
  • Consultant in Sensory, Marketing, Regulation Compliance, Technology Trade for local and international companies, institutes, governmental agencies.

Sensory Analysis Lab

Follow the ISO 17025 and the ILAC/TAF requirements.

  • *Sensory analysis on different tests
  • *Sensory analysis on descriptive tests
  • *Sensory analysis on sensory marketing claims
  • *Sensory analysis on shelf life determination
  • *Sensory analysis on threshold determination
  • *Sensory analysis on consumer tests (FGD/CLT/HUT)


2023/08|Successfully assisted Sweegen Inc in modifying the specifications for the food additive steviol glycosides with Taiwan FDA, specifically incorporating permission for enzymatically modified steviol glycosides.

2023/06|Successfully assisted Brassica Protection Products LLC in obtaining approval for Broccoli Seed Extract to be included in the edible food list of Taiwan FDA.

2023/05|Completed the consumer test for gummy candy from MORINAGA to decide the consumer acceptance of the new product.

2019/09|Swiss La Prairie Group CH completed her due diligence on providing the service of [Registration of (XXX) medical cosmetics with Taiwan FDA].

2019/03|US Brassica Protection Products LLC completed her due diligence on providing the service of [Filing (XXX) as new ingredients in Taiwan for being on the edible ingredients list].

2019|Helping Impossible Foods done with her Compliance analysis review on her novel ingredient (XXX) with Taiwan FDA.

2018/05|Had helped our international client (MN company) to get Taiwan FDA approval letter(FDA食字第No.1070010905) for their novel food ingredient.

2017|Cooperating officially with CV-foodlawlatest on foods regulation compliance for exporting to EU.

2017|Helping TsiangHer Co. to solve the problem of FDA detention

2017|Conducting consigned project on [Comparison the mechanisms of monitoring imported foods at boarders among USA, Japan, and Taiwan] for Taiwan FDA.

2017|Helping 3 international companies to prepare application dossiers for Taiwan FDA approval on their non-traditional food ingredients to Taiwan FDA (one of it had submitted officially).

2016|Consigned by Thailand Meiji Co. on workshop of [Dairy Market Trends].

2016|Completing annual internet MakeSense software maintenance with DaryFarm (HK), ColdStorage(SG), GCHRetailSDN(MY).

2016|Helping Dr. Wu Co. with her cosmetics product filing with CPNP in EU.

2016|Cooperating officially with PT. Cekindo Bisnis Grup of Indonesia on regulatory supports on foods, functional foods, cosmetics, medical devices for exporting to Indonesia -2016 Providing services for Chinese regulatory supports on foods, functional foods, cosmetics, medical devices (CFDA).

2016|Consigned by Shanghai Standard Foods Co. on workshop of [Sensory Applications in product development, quality control and marketing].

2015|Cooperating with Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei to help her members on [Regulations compliance services for USFDA, EU authorities, SAMR/CFDA, Taiwan FDA], [IP management services], [Sensory analysis services], [Marketing Research services].

2015|Consigned by SnackBrand Co. (AU) on labeling review to comply with Taiwan FDA & SAMR/CFDA regulations for her products into Taiwan and Mainland China.

2015|Helping local company SDM Co. to get Taiwan FDA approval on her non-traditional foods materials.

2015|Consigned by National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism on workshop of [ Practice of Sensory Analysis] for her academic staff.

2015|Consigned by Shanghai Xumei Flavors Co. on workshop of [Dairy Market Trends] for New Hope Dairy Co. from Mainland China.

2013|Consigned by ChiMei Foods Co. on her introduction of the Management System for Trade Secretes.

2013|Consigned by Danone Baby Nutrition (HK) Ltd on her [Regulation compliance service with Taiwan FDA].

2012|Cooperating officially with CEway Co. on EU regulatory supports on cosmetics for exporting to EU.

2012|Developing Sensory professional staff qualification certification program.

2002~2011|Consigned by Agriculture of Western Australia(AU), Tesco(TW), Unilever (TW), McCain (CN), KKL(TW), WeiChuan (TW) on their sensory projects for their products.

2018|Comparison on prediction efficacy between QDA and CATA descriptive tests (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2018|Comparison on product development application between JAR and CATA analysis (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2017|Intensity analysis of bitterness-coffee drinks and tea drinks as example (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2017|The Model of study on the response to sensory textures by silk population (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2016|Predicting the improvement of sensory textures by using PLS as tool (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2016|Age effect on acceptability of flavors (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2015|Employing multiple variate analysis (PLS) on the study of correlation (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2013|The relationship between the frequency of product usage and the stability of trained panelist (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2013|Factors on panelist recruitment (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2012|Comparison between coefficient of variation and range method on assessment of stability of panelists (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2012|Study on training performance of trained panelists (published at TAFST annual meeting in Chinese).

2023/04|Dr. Yau (Chief Consultant) of SCG consulting group has accepted an invitation from Infoma subsidiary, Taylor & Francis Group, to serve as the Article Collection Guest Advisor for the "Sensory Analysis of Asian Products & Consumers" in the CyTA - Journal of Food.

2017|TAF certificated sensory lab changed name from sensory evaluation lab into sensory analysis lab officially.

2017|Invited speaker on [International trends of food regulations] at symposium of [Global economic environment and regulation environment for food industry].

2017|Invited speaker on [Technology trade practices on Agricultural related areas] at workshop of AMMOT.

2017|Invited speaker on [Technology trade practices on Agricultural related areas] at workshop of AMMOT.

2016|Invited speaker on [The comparison of service models for health management industry] and [Platform model for self-managed health management] at China International Health Care Fair 2016.

2014|Becoming first sensory lab in Taiwan that got TAF lab certification.

2014|Invited by ZGU in Hangzhou as a organizing committee member, section chairman, and speaker on [The trends of Consumer Studies] in the [3RD FOOD SENSORY SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM].

2014|Invited speaker on [Regulation Compliance of Cosmetics] at workshop of [CRAC Annual Global Regulations Summit for chemicals].

2014|Launching first [Mobile Sensory Shelf life Tests Software, MakeSense SEQC] in Chinese.

2014|Invited as committee member and section co-chairman in [2014 SenseAsia] held in Singapore.

2013|Launching first [Mobile Sensory Consumer Tests Software, MakeSense SECT] in Chinese.

2012|Invited by CNIS as a reviewer for her National Sensory Analysis Standards/Guidelines (GB/T-series).