China Has Proposed to Supervise Imported Food Label at Customs

2019/03/21|China Has Proposed to Supervise Imported Food Label at Customs

Last month, a draft announcement of the Supervision on Labels of Imported and Exported Prepackaged Food was revealed by the authority.(GACC). The key points of draft are:

  1. Inspection replaces filing on imported food label:Cancel the filing record system for the label of first imported prepackaged food. The customs shall inspect the label of imported food as one of compulsory exam items. The products which not comply with Chinese labeling regulations and standards shall not be imported to China.
  2. Import agency is responsible for label: Import agency should review the compliance of the imported food labels.
  3. Supervising customs may punish the import agency : If customs finds the imported prepackaged food bears a non-compliant label; customs receives a notice by other administrative departments about non-compliant label; customs receives report about the non-compliant label of imported food.
  4. Implementation scope:Imported display products, samples, tax-free goods, prepackaged food for embassies, products through passenger carrying entry, post parcel, express package or cross-border e-commerce should comply with relevant regulations.

Foods regulated by this draft actually include regular foods, special use foods, functional foods, foods for special medical use etc. Therefore, the label regulations include GB 7718-2011, GB 28050-2011, GB 2760-2014 etc.

If you are not familiar with all these Chinese regulations, let the third party agent to help you instead of your commercial agent in China.

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