[Fi Europe 2022-Where food moves forward] is opening for 6-8 Dec. 2022 in Paris

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[Fi Europe 2022-Where food moves forward] is opening for 6-8 Dec. 2022 in Paris, France and its slogan is to build a sustainable food future.
Indeed, sustainable food future will count on several critical factors. One of them should be Innovative F&B ingredients, alternatives, and innovative solutions. The famous ones like novel sweeteners, soy leghemoglobin, resistant starch, calanus oil swept up the food industries and even caterings. These innovative ingredients are the highly competitive ones on the markets. These, however, need to overcome couple hurdles as they move into globalized markets.
Especially, as (novel) food ingredients move into Asian markets, there would be two major hurdles should be overcome.

The first hurdle would be the regulation compliance hurdle. Usually, novel/innovative food ingredients would need to get approvals from the local authorities. It is similar to so called [novel food] approval in EU, though it may have different “name” for it in Asian countries. For example, it is so called [novel food ingredient] ( in Mainland China while it is so called [non-traditional food ingredient]( in Taiwan.


The second hurdle would be the sensory response from the local consumers. According to our experience on the novel sweeteners (like sucralose), the sweetness intensity for Chinese did not reach the western results. It is already known that sensory response may have gaps among races/consumption habits. It is critical for the novel ingredients. Local consumers survey/tests is recommended (