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Technical Due Diligence is Getting Popular

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*Lock down due to COVID-19 around world slows down a lot of business developments and business cooperative opportunities.

*Either restructuring of supply chain or finding a proper partner to enter a new market will need heavy due diligence works and contacts.

*Mainland China is the only market shows the attractive growing potential opportunities.

*All together, you will need a service on technical due diligence for you in the Greater China Areas before you get into the full due diligence work.

Technical Due Diligence is Getting Popular

A third-party’s technical due diligence service can be relied on for its industrial expertise, professional domain knowledge, product regulation compliance familiarity, and IP familiarity with its fairness, justice, objectivity. A third-party technical DD provider can provide a scientific report which indeed helps the team to evaluate the target objectively. A proper target (collaborator/partner) in the Greater China will be the long-term benefit for a company who wants to develop the business in the market.

Our technical DD service can cover for foods/functional foods, ingredients, cosmetics/personal cares, medicals, biotech related products, agricultural related products industries.

The indexes for DD include the degree of advance, the degree of protection, the degree of monopolistic competition, the degree of critical, the degree of famous, the degree of integrity, the value and so on. Primary and secondary inspections will be held to find the true information.

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