Sandra Huang

Is it ok to turn right on red?

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....Hello, we have a patented technology for our CBD product, and we would like to export CBD into Taiwan. Can you help us with TFDA’s compliance procedure? Our NMN is proved to be effective, and we would like to launch NMN in China. Can you help us the compliance with SAMR/CFDA?....

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We always got requests from our prospects in functional foods/beverages industry for their novel ingredient for our regulation compliance services in the Greater China Areas. Can we have XX be exported to YY? We will reply that if you do not have the approval for XX from the authorities (like non-traditional food ingredient with Taiwan FDA, new food ingredient with SAMR/CFDA, new dietary ingredient with USFDA, novel food with EFSA…), then you are not allowed to do so. Sometimes, we will get replies like [it is legal here and it should be so over there or we saw AA is selling the same thing there]. Well, but….Let us put this way, can you have a right turn on red light as you are driving? Have you seen several drivers did so? Will you expect us to tell you [yes, go ahead make the right turn and you are safe]? Will you suit us for compensation?

[it is legal in your country does not mean it is legal everywhere else] and [it does not mean it is legal when you found somebody else is selling it on the market]. To be illegal is your choice while we will suggest to be legal in order to move longer and safer.

Regulation Compliance