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It is said that politicians know something, promise everything & do nothing; lawyers know nothing, do nothing, but they charge you for everything; bosses know nothing & do nothing, but they tell you everything; salesmen know nothing, but do everything; engineers know everything & do nothing…..

Well, SCG only know something, only tell you something, only do something and charge for something. We will not tell you [No worries] but the truth. We will not let you getting nowhere [at the end of the day/month/year/project].

SCG is located in Hsinchu City (Taiwan) with international cooperative structure and providing something for getting into the Greater China (TW/CN/HK). Getting into the markets of the Greater China is getting popular though several western countries currently imposing sanctions on Mainland China. Foods/Cosmetics/Medical devices/Biotek related products do need regulation compliance, market survey, intellectual property protection, technology due diligence, and marketing design for commercialization during the premarketing stage. SCG will help you on these for getting into the Greater China. You will not circle back to where you are now.

Send us your product picture, its intend use and your needs, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please contact with Dr. Newton Yau via email at