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The consuming power is still growing in the Great China areas. Especially, consuming power for cosmetics is pushing by the power of the growing middle class and young generation. There are two categories for cosmetics, namely, "special" and "general" cosmetics, in both Mainland China and Taiwan. Special cosmetics are subjected to more extensive requirements as part of the registration. Usually, those products with certain functions like sunscreen, spot removing/whitening, anti-hair loss and so on would be in special cosmetics category. Filing procedure is also required for general cosmetics. Of course, the cost and the timeframe for the special cosmetics’ registration tend to be higher due to additional sample tests and application dossier requirements. So called special cosmetics is also can be referred to so called Specific Purpose Cosmetics.

To have more ideas regarding the cosmetics regulations in the Great China, we had prepared the following comparison table.

To start with the regulation compliance for your cosmetics products, the following 4 steps are recommended.

  1. Confirm the category of your product.
  2. Consign the trustable RP.
  3. Prepare the PIF (with SA report) and the dossier.
  4. Process the notification or registration.

*In addition to the regulatory compliance services for CN and TW, we also can help the ones for EU and USA.

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