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China SAMR bans celebrity endorsement for health foods

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China SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) along with six other government agencies announced on November 1 it plans to ban local celebrity endorsements relating to several industries, including health foods, tobacco products, healthcare and medical equipment.

The new regulation bars celebrities, key opinion leaders and influencers from endorsing the products mentioned above via social media, television commercials, live streaming and interviews. “Celebrities should consciously practice socialist core values in their advertising endorsement activities,” the rules stated. This latest announcement should be effective timely as the announcement.

The needs of health foods and related products keep on rise as the health and related functions are the practical needs in real life for all groups of consumers in Mainland China. The buying power is huge for the middle class there. To comply with the local regulations become the responsibility of the supplier. You are welcome to contact us (via if you need help on the regulation compliance.

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