The registration of Specific Purpose Cosmetics will be cancelled on June 30th, 2024

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Specific Purpose Cosmetics (SPC) on the Taiwanese market should be registered with TFDAin the past. This surveillance system is going to change this year.

Starting from July 1st, the SPC(Specific Purpose Cosmetics) is required to be filed with TFDA platform by the local importer/license holder. The SPCC(Specific Purpose Cosmetics) is different from the so-called general cosmetics and therefore the regulations on it will be different from the ones on general cosmetics though both are required to filed with TFDA platform this year. These requirements are for both local cosmetics companies and foreign cosmetics companies.

For the SPC, your Product Information File (PIF) will need include Safety Assessment Report (signed by the qualified personnel certified by TFDA), COA of the specific purpose ingredient, Supporting information of the functional assessments, Adverse effects of the product application, Stability test report, Microbiological test report, etc.

We can help the regulatory filing process and license holder (if needed) for both general cosmetics and specific purpose cosmetics, with TFDA platform, as well as the Safety Assessment Report and other reports (if needed).

Please find more detail here.Taiwan FDA Cosmetics